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Step-by-step PLC training that's guaranteed to have you confidently creating and troubleshooting Rockwell/A-B PLC programs.

My name is Brandon Slate. I am a technician for an international abrasives manufacturer with some experience in other brands of PLCs, but I am just getting into Allen Bradley. I was disappointed to learn that the classes I wanted to take from the A-B distributors in my area were over $2000, and were only given a few times a year. I was going to have to wait more than 4 months to get into the next one, but I had projects at work that needed to completed immediately.

I was searching the internet for answers when I stumbled across MyPLCTraining.com. Curious, I immediately consumed all of your free material and read your About Me page. Convinced that I had nothing to lose, I committed to your Ladder Logic Foundations course. With a little more than an hour a night, I finished the class and have been able to immediately apply what I have learned. The course was easy to follow and broke down the information into easily digestible portions. I am making headway on my projects, and I have more value to my company with only a few hours worth of commitment.

Thank you for providing this service to the industry at such an affordable price. It is only a matter of time before I return for the advanced course.

- Brandon Slate

First, thank you for the effort in preparing this program of classes and exercises. I have had no issues or problems with the materials.

Plus, it's fun mastering a new skill. It's also comforting to know I now have my own laptop configured for the RSLinx and RSLogix environment beyond the exercises required for class. That's an edge for me should I step back into the work world as a consultant.

So yes, the course work has been helpful and confidence building. The material is challenging but not overwhelming. I stay engaged. Anxious to start the next lesson.

- George R. Clark, Senior Systems Engineer, Conjoiner Systems LLC

"Before taking this course [Ladder Logic Foundations] I really had little to no experience with the software or hardware involved with PLCs. I felt the course was an excellent introduction into the world of PLCs and ladder logic. It was great for a person like me that had no experience with them whatsoever outside of knowing what they are.

After taking the course it made me want to learn more about them and take my experience to the next step. The course was not intimidating and walked me through step by step how to write basic ladder logic and setup software. I look forward to seeing what comes next!"

- Joseph M. Battifarano, Field Service Technician, New Jersey

"PLC programming has been a long time interest. I find it challenging and fun to manipulate electricity with controls rather than just installing pipe and wire (even though that is a noble trade that serves me well).

The Ladder Logic Foundations course was a good place to start because you get hands on experience with the software, and when you screw it up there is help available to get you back on track.

No more looking over the PLC guy's shoulder! There are a lot of good things about the course that I'm thankful for, but I would have to say that what appealed to me the most about this course was having lifetime access to the course materials. I will refer to it and use the software to practice.

Mr.Gates is a fine teacher and is skilled with the subject material. I was comfortable with the lesson subjects and the progression. I found myself having questions that didn't necessarily pertain to this course, but he was gracious with an answer in the Facebook group."

- Bob Rhodes, Maintenance Electrician, Kansas

"LLF [Ladder Logic Foundations course] has been an eye opener especially when it comes to Allen Bradley PLC’s which I had little experience with. Through this course I have gained courage, interest, confidence and motivation in troubleshooting and maintaining programmable controllers.

The course is great and I really appreciate the effort which the instructor has put to ensure the clients feel fully sorted out. The content covered is well tailored to the structure of learning. My objective was met and to some extent makes me feel the need to proceed to the next level.

I like the flexibility of LLF syllabus which gave me time to prepare, do exercises and practice ladder logic with ease. Right now I can conduct basic ladder logic training to others with no problem at all and provide freelance maintenance services with boldness.

I would encourage guys to take the course simply because it bridges the basic understanding of programming to real life application."

- Victor Koech, Service Engineer, Kenya

"I started out with no knowledge of plc programming and have found your instructions easy to learn from, to the point that I am now assembling some quite interesting projects. Some in Logix 500 and others in studio & Logix 5000. Being able to run them in a emulator seems to be an important aspect as you can find and remedy the faults we make and there are many at this time in our learning process.

One of the main advantages of following your clear instructions is any problems we create are a lot easier to find and fix also your willingness and availability to help either via the online Q & A sessions or directly with individuals by email, Skype and Team Viewer. Personally I wish I lived closer to you as I feel you would be an amazing friend."

- Tom Sunnex, Semi-Retired, New Zealand

My understanding of PLC programming has grown so much since I have taken the first PLC course in myPLCtraining Academy, Ladder Logic Foundations.

Now I know how to:

- Set up the communications between the PLC and the programming software.

- Edit a program by adding or deleting rungs and instructions.

- Test a program by downloading to the emulator and running it as in a real environment.

I am sure I'll keep learning much more with the next course in myPLCtraining Academy, called "Become a Confident Programmer", which I plan to start soon.

Stephen shows that he cares about each student, by providing resources to track the material learning and understanding. However, your success depends on your own effort and dedication.

At the beginning, I hesitated enrolling in the PLC Training Academy, now I understand it is worth every penny. I recommend it.

- Melquiades Delgado, Maracaibo, Venezuela

I'm really glad that I decided to take Become a Confident PLC Programmer from myPLCtraining.com. It not only gave me some confidence in programming but it helped me get a job doing programming. That makes the days not drag on like they used to. It was a great course that hit on a lot of the things that I am now working with.

- Nathan Parks, Electrician, Nebraska